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Thread: LS3 AC Compressor Bracket

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    LS3 AC Compressor Bracket

    Hey guys,

    I'm back in the garage after taking care of some boat maintenance yesterday in preparation for running to the Bahamas and am looking for some guidance on the proper AC Compressor mounting bracket for an LS3. I see some options on ebay for a C6 Corvette LS2, LS3, or LS7, and some others, but just wondering which is correct for an LS3.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    If you're planning on using a C5 compressor (which is, I believe, the only thing the FFR AC hose kit will bolt up to) then I would just buy the brackets that fit the C5 Corvette. I've done this several times and it does seem that you end up grinding a bit of the AC bracket to clear a bolt boss on the block of an LS3, but it's nothing major. Also, if you are using LS3 engine mount brackets, you will probably have to grind just a bit of clearance on the alum engine mount to clear the back of the AC compressor.
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    As always, excellent information!!! Thanks for all your help Shane.

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