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Thread: Herbs Door Panel Auction to benefit this forum!

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    Red face Herbs Door Panel Auction to benefit this forum!

    OK here's the deal , I am having door panel auction to raise money to help keep this wonderful Forum alive and well.

    So here what I am doing , I am giving away a set of standard door panels to the highest bidder . If you want put up a bid by means of a post with the amount of money you want to bid , On midnight May 15 the highest bidder will be the winner and receive a set of my standard door panels and free shipping and at no cost to you !

    ALL ( 1oo percent ) if the money raised will be send to the forum .

    SO LET THE BIDDING BEGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks ,Herb
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    OK. I'll start the bid at $90.00
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    Next up $100
    Someone outbid me! Let's raise some money for the forum!

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    The 40 Watt Garage bids:
    John D. - Minneapolis 'Burbs

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    Up to 130 now.
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    Great idea Herb, Hope you don't mind if i borrow/steal your idea. At FormaCars, we have a couple of new products that we could do this with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herb fraser View Post
    excellent !
    TUESDAY is the last day any others want to bid for a GREAT CAUSE !!!!!!!

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    Thanks Herb!

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    I bid $150

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidW View Post
    I bid $150
    Dave you are the winner I will pm you. thanks herb

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