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Thread: 2015 Ford Coyote crate engine troubl codes

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    2015 Ford Coyote crate engine troubl codes

    I havenít ever posted a question on this forum but this will be a good one. I have a new 2015 coyote with a Ford Control pak. It has 400 miles on it and has just run perfect until 2 weeks ago. when accelerating it jerks and jumps real bad and when checked with my tech tool I get a trouble code P0012 and P0022 which is timing over retard on bank #1 and #2. Ihave changed oil, changed VCT solenoids, changed cam position sensors and still have the problem and codes. However I can disconnect the two intake cam sensors on the back of my engine and although I still have the code it runs great! Does anyone have any insight into my problem? oh yea, My ecm has been to ford tech and checked on their test engine. all is good and they are without an answer. I plan to call thm again today and ask to speak to a design engineer about how this can occur. I can understand 1 bank but not both and unplugging my cam sensors. this is a crate engine.

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    Answered in your other post in the mod engine forum. Understand the concern/urgency. But cross posting is discouraged.
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    yes, I realized after posting that I was in the wrong place.

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