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Thread: RFID Push Button Start

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    RFID Push Button Start

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anybody is using the RFID Push Button Start from Ron Francis?

    I have heard some horror stories about other offerings that are out there but I really like the idea of this mod.



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    Haven't seen that one used on here. Have seen Digital Guard Dawg (seems to be the most common) and Watson's Streetworks.

    I'm thinking about one of these for my Coupe build. What others have you heard about?
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    I could never get the Watsons RFID & pushbutton start setup to work on my Roadster. I tried with and without the RFID unit and never got enough voltage through the ignition control box to close the start relay. I worked with their engineers, no joy. Took 15 minutes, replaced with a keyed ignition switch and everything worked great, so it wasnt my car. Many might get it working fine, but it never worked for me. I would try Digital Guard Dawg if I was going to do it again.
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    I have an Advanced Keys setup (smart keyless entry, push-start ignition, alarm.). It was already on the kit that I bought, I didn't order it. It's a bit of a learning curve to get the sequence right for start and stop, but it works fine. I didn't enable the remote start function, even though I did put in my own circuitry to prevent starting while it is in gear (I added a bypass on the clutch pedal to allow start in gear if the clutch is depressed though.). Otherwise, it seems to work fine, with the exception that when I forget to have the key fob close by, I set the alarm off in the garage when I work on the car.
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    I have only heard of people using Watson or Guard Dawg. Kevin "Jazzman" was using Watson but could never get it to work so he ended up ripping it all out. If he couldn't get it to work, guys like me don't have a chance! Greg "Planecrazy1976" has Guard Dawg and seems to happy with it. He said it had a few issues and still can be a bit quirky.

    I have searched extensively and am a little surprised how little legitimate options there are out there. With so many new cars coming standard with this feature I would think that there would be more. I am stuck on this modification and really want to do it but I also don't wnt to spend $600+ just to be frustrated and rip it all out later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodneyarcher1 View Post
    ... "ripping it all out. "
    Such an accurate description of what I also finally did.
    MkIV #9042 build thread
    Plan: 427W-X, TKO600, Moser 3.55 rear.
    Delivered Feb 2017, first start Oct 22, 2017, first go-cart Mar 26, 2018

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