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Thread: Carpet and Leather

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    Carpet and Leather

    Hey everyone, I am still a little while away from needing these but this is me trying to be proactive. I am looking for a good source for leather (full hide) enough to do dash, trans cover and door cards and some better quality carpet than what comes with the kit.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I used E-bay, Found a full hide for about $150-200. Just search black cowhide upholstery. It was enough to do dash, tunnel, ebrake boot, shifter boot, door cards, with extra!


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    This is what I bought.

    Great quality and a full hide gives you plenty to do all the components you want to do.
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    I used $193.50 for a whole hide of my choice, shipped very nicely. It has been enough for the dash, switch panel, trans tunnel cover, a pair of Herbs door panels plus one re-do on the dash. Still have a bit left over to do some cubby pockets, if I want to.

    Huge selection and choice of colors.
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    Thanks guys!

    Any carpet sources?
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    I have not bought it but have seen other threads where people have purchased from here:

    or here:

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