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Thread: Need CV Joints for my axles

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    Need CV Joints for my axles

    I need new CV joints for my shortened axles. I have Pin Drive wheels and need to rebuild the axles with new CV Joints... My 3.1 uses the old IRS and I am unable to find just the CV Joints....
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    Thanks to Paul for all his help !!!

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    Have you tried calling FFR to see if they have any laying around?

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    What year T bird were the axles from. Probably going to have to buy a complete axle set from the parts store and swap the axles into it. The T birds were the same 89 to 96, HTH, Richard.
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    I have two complete halfshafts from a 94 TBird, free if you pay shipping. Cv joints good as far as I know. Pulled them out and didn't need them, have been thinking about tossing them.

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    I have a set of axles that came with my kit. Never used them. Just collecting dust. Gary 858 272 0808

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