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Thread: Wheels and Tires on Gen 3

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    Wheels and Tires on Gen 3

    I am looking for wheels and tires but am having a hard time searching for wheels that would fit. A lot of the websites I seem to be looking at want to only show wheels based off what car you have, such as I have happily purchased multiple wheels and tire packages from TireRack in the past but I can't seem to get there site to work to search for wheels I want for my upcoming kit. How are you all searching for wheels or where are you finding them? I know there must be a better way of doing it that I am missing. Thanks.

    I want to go with a more modern looking wheel that is 17" or 18" and 10.5" to 11" wide as I was planning on running a square setup if possible. I don't know how the Gen 3 will feel yet, however, I generally I like a more neutral setup with as much front grip as I can get.
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    Can't give too many specifics because I'm using Factory Five 18's and I've confirmed they fit OK. Many builds are using the Factory Five 17's and 18's. So may not be a ton of suggestions or experience searching for alternatives. Factory Five does list the backspacing and offsets on their website for both sizes, so I'd recommend using those values to help when looking for other options.

    315's are pretty standard for the rear, so a square setup with 315's in the front? Not sure those would fit. 275's are probably about the limit without running into the suspension on the inside and staying inside the body on the outside. Also running into the wheel wells when turning. Factory Five has the suspension configured for a staggered setup, and works very well BTW.
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    Clover - I've been working on this a lot. It depends on your "donor" and lug pattern. The donor is set up as an 87-04 Mustang. The early "Fox Body" has a 4 lug. 94-04 is 5 lug. If you convert to five lug (which is what 99% of us do at minimum) you'll be looking for these specs for a flush fitment:

    Pattern: 5x114.3 or 5x4.5
    Backspace: 5.9"
    Offset: +24mm

    Pattern: 5x114.3 or 5x4.5
    Backspace: 6.3"
    Offset: +20mm

    Do a search for an 03-04 Cobra Mustang and you'll get better results from CCW, Fikse, etc. Also be mindful of caliper clearance. Good luck! I'm running these:

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    I have FFR 17" wheels and their recommended tires and their Moser rear end and I had to use a 1" spacer on the back to keep the rim away from the shock mounts. 1" is overkill, but without them there was 1/8" clearance.

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    Been looking at 19” wheels for my build - 19x11 front and 19x13 rear - Hoosier, Avon both make several race slicks that will work and also Toyo R888R and the tire from Viper ACR (same size)

    A little fender flaring will be needed but should give car a more modern look and a lot more contact area with the tarmac.

    Working on F14 wheels from Forgestar that are about $500 each

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    $500 for forged wheels seems more reasonable and I know others who have gotten Forestar wheels before and were happy. I think I will check them out. I like the wheels on the Snap On build but looked them up and they were about $800 each which just seems to cross some kind of mental line I have drawn in the sand.

    Thanks for the help everyone, any other advice?

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    Check out this thread on the Snap On build:

    Jim Schenck said they used a square 18x11 ET15 but needed a 1" spacer on the rear to clear the frame when using a tire larger than a 295 width. They used a 295/30 in the front which seemingly cleared with no spacer. The rear had a 335/30 and cleared with the spacer.

    A 13" wide rear wheel would need a -10 offset to get the same inner clearance with the spacer and a -34/-35 with no spacer.
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    i use forgestar concave F14s and super deep concave for the rear.

    18 x10s in the front 30 offset 19 x 12s in the rear 6 offset.

    in the rear i believe 6 was the least i could get.
    tires are toyo 888r
    the rear rubs the frame on the front inner edge of the tire. ride height is at 4.5" floor to bottom of frame.
    it does not rub sitting still but give it a little gas and you smell rubber immediately.

    you quickly run out of tire choices. keep that in mind. also it took me 3 months to get my wheels after I ordered. nothing special.

    I have a little room to run a spacer and fix the problem. with 13s you will not have room. the rear track of the car is already wider buy a good bit. so it looks pretty modern to me.

    also watch the OD of your tires as the rear of the rear tire is very close to the body with 19"

    im running 335 30R19s

    hope this helps.

    look at my thread for photos

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