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Thread: Driver side rear wheel rubbing on bracket

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    Driver side rear wheel rubbing on bracket

    Did the 5 lug swap and installed new PS Engineering wheels on the 3 link rear. Drivers side wheel is rubbing slightly on shock bracket. Wondering if just grinding the bracket would be ok ? Rear seems centered correctly as the driveshaft has no binding, thanks all
    MK III w/3 link

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    Any room to adjust the track toward the other side? If not, some 1/4 inch spacers could solve the problem.
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    A pic would help us be sure but I am relatively confidant that grinding the corner of the bracket will be OK.
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    My wheel would hit the panhard bracket when doing autocross. I did some grinding and it is good now. It is surprising how much the wheels flex when you really pu some side load on them.

    I am not a fan of wheel spacers. I would rather get the grinder out.

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    Grind the bracket, its been done many times.

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    Grinded bracket, all is good. Had to do both sides as passenger side wheel weight was hitting bracket
    MK III w/3 link

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