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Thread: FFR wheels delivery time

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    FFR wheels delivery time

    Anyone order 17x9 halibrands from FFR lately? Is it really 6 to 8 weeks for delivery, as their website says?

    Thank you

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    They have them in stock so I doubt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael everson View Post
    They have them in stock so I doubt it.
    Ditto, Generally an in stock item.

    Vendor Issues from the past have been cleared up.
    FFinisher/AKA RE63

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    It can vary. I received my wheels before the car came.
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    I got mine 2 weeks ago. They were out of stock for a long time but said they had a few sets in inventory. They have a tire shop down the road mount and balance them 10 or so sets at a time.

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