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Thread: My eyes hurt!!!

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    My eyes hurt!!!

    Future F5R Hot Rod builder here. I currently have a 34 Street Beast that was started by a few other guys, I'm trying to finish it to sell and then I can start on the Hot Rod.

    My eyes are almost bleeding from reading this forum so much. I really appreciate all of the build threads and experience sharing.

    I am now thinking I should quit wasting time on the Street Beast, dump it and get my order in to F5R.

    Any thoughts on finish or dump the 34?
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    Welcome! My vote is obviously do the minimum you need to sell it and get your order in!
    Aerodynamics are for those who can't build engines - Enzo Ferrari

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    Street Beast looks cool. Now dump that Beast and build your Hot Rod.
    Delivered 2/24/2017. Complete kit #9023,IRS, Power Steering, Leather, heater, 17" wheels, sway bar ft & rr, tremec 600 and Gordon Levy Racing SMB 427. First start and go kart 8/19/2017. Graduated 1/15/2018

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    when you sell don't expect to get much, people tend to not like the street beast car, I had one built brand new with all new engine, ect. and it was a bear to sell. now have a ffr roadster and love it.

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    Welcome to the forum.Roger

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    I vote dump the Beast
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