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Thread: My eyes hurt!!!

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    My eyes hurt!!!

    Future F5R Hot Rod builder here. I currently have a 34 Street Beast that was started by a few other guys, I'm trying to finish it to sell and then I can start on the Hot Rod.

    My eyes are almost bleeding from reading this forum so much. I really appreciate all of the build threads and experience sharing.

    I am now thinking I should quit wasting time on the Street Beast, dump it and get my order in to F5R.

    Any thoughts on finish or dump the 34?
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    Welcome! My vote is obviously do the minimum you need to sell it and get your order in!
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    Street Beast looks cool. Now dump that Beast and build your Hot Rod.
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    when you sell don't expect to get much, people tend to not like the street beast car, I had one built brand new with all new engine, ect. and it was a bear to sell. now have a ffr roadster and love it.

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    Welcome to the forum.Roger

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    I vote dump the Beast
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    I would say finish it. You will get more buyers and more money for a finished car than for one that needs work.
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    If I understand, this manufacture is out of business so parts, especially body parts will be difficult to get. If that's not the case build it and enjoy it. But if they are out of business then put the car up for sale today and don't look back. Every dollar you put into that car will likely net you 50-cents in return and don't even think you'll get any thing for your labor. Then there is the emotional capital you'll be investing with every hour of work you put into a car you don't plan keep. And along the way you'll be second guessing your decision to sell or keep it. Cut the cord and move on.

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