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Thread: Our SSNK4US Begins.....

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    Our SSNK4US Begins.....

    My mom and dad took me with them to a Ford dealer (Ralph Williams Ford for you old SoCal people) when I was 6 years old. First I pointed to “that one” , Cobra, “no” then I pointed to “that one” , 66 fastback, I got another “no” lol They settled on a 66 Mustang coupe sage gold (ugly) wth pony interior, 289 and a C4. It eventually became mine after going thru my older sister, my older brother (2 accidents and a high tide incident in Newport or Huntington I think lol) I turned it into a high 10 second pro street daily driver before anyone knew what pro street my real hands experience started then and actually earlier.
    So at 6 I got my first taste of a real Cobra. That’s when it all started... I built models, watched ABC’s Wide World of Sports... I definitely knew who Carroll Shelby was and what he was all about.

    I (we’ve, my wife and I) have been lurking (and dreaming) around the forum for a few years and signed up a couple of years ago. I’ve read sooo many builds, some many times lol, and have thrown my 2 cents in on things once in a while. Then someone else in town I found ordered a kit. It nudged us a little closer (Thanks Rodney!) to buying a kit. We’ve been to a few HB shows and the last one at the end we stopped and talked to Dave Smith and I actually shook Jeff Kleiner’s hand lol I posted in another thread how fast and easy it went down....

    It’s just my wonderful wife and I, of almost 36 years, and our two 10 year old golden retrievers and she is probably more excited than I am about it all. She’ll be right there next to me wrenching on everything too.

    So we pulled the trigger on a Mk4 this morning!!!!

    Sorry for being so long winded, and excuse any typos, this is A LOT to type on an iphone and there’s A LOT OF ADRENALINE FLOWING right now! LOL!!!
    But the forum is like a family... and we were kind of stepchildren lol
    Now we are part of the family... if that makes any sense.
    Of course NOT discounting any lurkers or dreamers out here... we were one of those too... and probably pretty much everybody else was also.

    My wife and I are very fortunate to soon becoming part of the Factory Five owners family!!!!

    Kurt & Cathy
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    If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough....

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    Congratulation Kurt and Cathy. Welcome to the family. I think it is terrific that Cathy will be there wrenching too. I thought I was lucky with how supportive my wife has been about me buying my kit and her parking outside. However, when I mentioned that I was going to need a hand at times, she got real quite and grumpy real quick. I am going to tread carefully with regards to asking her for help now. I guess Kurt must be more pleasant to work with then I am. Also, I have a feeling that the little tremble I see from my wife when I talk about the kit getting here has more to do with stress then excitement.

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    Congrats! And welcome to the club!
    Started dreaming of a Cobra around 1987
    Purchased Complete Kit 6/9/2017, Delivered 9/4/2017, Rolling Chassis 3/30/2018
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    Kit Details....Complete kit, pretty basic but lots of small details planned....

    Carbureted 347 BluePrint engine / TKO 600 combo
    Powder coated chassis
    Ceramic Headers
    Body cut outs
    Stock Vinyl seats (going to try some mods to the frames for big and tallness lol and just use the vinyl for a pattern to put my sewing skills to some custom leather touches) they are included so worst case we spend $200 more than the low back Kirkey’s at full price. I gotta try! Lol
    Power steering... no clue on pump yet
    3 link with new Moser, stick with 3.55 gears
    Vintage Gauges
    17” staggered Halibrands and tire package
    Stainless pipes
    Wind wings
    Sun visors
    Chrome DS and PS roll bars w/grommets
    Assembled Louvers
    Leather steering wheel
    Stock GT brakes
    Front sway bar
    Rear nudge bar w/over-riders
    Nothing for the front
    Blank dash, Built or bought glove box
    Of course lots of Breeze, Fortes, FFR Metal parts etc etc etc etc .......
    And the brightest, truest, redest red lol that da Bat can come up with and white stripes!

    Any thoughts much appreciated !

    Kurt and Cathy
    If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough....

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    Congratulations and welcome aboard. Looking forward to following your journey.
    MK IV #8901 - Complete kit, Coyote, TKO-600, IRS. Ordered 5/23/16, Delivered 7/14/16, First Start 8/13/17, First Go-Kart 10/22/17. Build Thread:

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    Congrats welcome to the family
    MK III w/3 link

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    Congratulations and welcome to the family. My wife also was a huge help on both my builds. The hard part now is the wait for arrival.
    Delivered 2/24/2017. Complete kit #9023,IRS, Power Steering, Leather, heater, 17" wheels, sway bar ft & rr, tremec 600 and Gordon Levy Racing SMB 427. First start and go kart 8/19/2017. Graduated 1/15/2018

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    Mk 3.1 - #6882 - 5.0L 302 - FiTech EFI - 3-Link - 3.08 Ratio - 15" Wheels
    Greenhorn and doing the best I can
    My photos are at: My Flickr acct
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    Congratulations guys! I remember that high tide incident and pretty sure it was Newport, too bad about that Mustang but I guess you've "stepped it up" withe MK4. Good luck!

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    Kurt and Cathy-

    Welcome to the family; I think you made a great choice! I appreciated the story behind your decision also. We all have a story about what turned us into car guys/gals, and I think it is fun to hear those stories.

    I look forward to watching your build, and I hope you are going to share your progress! Best of luck.



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