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Thread: Meindl Mk IV Build

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    Meindl Mk IV Build

    Hi everyone,

    We are a family of four – Mom and Dad (Sarah and Pete) and our twin 16 year old boys (Jamie and Eric) – who are very excited to be starting a Mk IV build. We view this as the ultimate project for us as a family before the boys head off from home in a little over 2 years. We are beginners at this so we really value any and all advice you guys have for us at every point along the way. If you see something we’re doing that doesn’t seem right or make sense, please let us know! We feel lucky that so many of you are willing to take the time to give advice.

    We all went to visit the Factory Five factory recently and placed our order. Given we are beginners, we wanted to run what we ordered by you all to see if you feel there’s anything we should or should not be getting. Our goal for the car is to have a great time building it together and then to have something fun to drive on the street now and then. It doesn’t need to be the fastest or best car – for us it’s more about just trying to see if we can get it all together and working and have something to be proud of.

    One note - we’re hoping to register our car to drive on the street in Connecticut, so some of the things we’ve purchased are required for registration.

    Here’s what we ordered (for anything that’s not mentioned here, we chose the base version):
    - Mk IV Complete Kit
    - Coyote Engine/TKO Transmission assembled
    - Powder coating of chassis
    - Coyote 3v headers
    - Body cut outs
    - 17 inch Halibrand style wheel/tire package
    - Stainless steel bumpers
    - Battery cutoff switch
    - Rollbar grommet set
    - Assembled side louver set
    - Coyote install kit
    - 11.65 inch rear brake set
    - Standard 8.8 rear axle housing w/3-link

    Things we’re considering adding to the order:
    - Coyote power steering kit

    If you guys have any advice or pointers, please let us know! We had a few general questions:
    - Anything else we should be adding (or taking away) from our order given we are real beginners?
    - Any tool recommendations beyond the list in the factory five manual?
    - We’re currently building a chassis dolly using the plans from Chris Arella (Thanks, Chris!). Any thoughts on this?
    - Any advice for receiving delivery if you live on a small street?
    - Any other advice as we get started?

    Thanks a lot! We’re looking forward to being a part of the community!

    Pete, Sarah, Jamie, and Eric

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    Welcome and congratulations! It's been a fun time building with my son, although we're not as far along as hoped and he leaves for college in about three weeks.

    Your build is nearly identical to mine. A few quick thoughts:
    - Check the Breeze Automotive website tip for welding the banana bracket to the rear axle. I drove the axle out to a welder and he zipped it up in less than half an hour. I wouldn't be comfortable with the bracket just being bolted on.
    - I added power steering (FFR version, previous generation) because I have experience with a manual steering car with very large tires - it's a real workout at parking lot speeds. My wife is interested in driving, so that will help her, too.
    - The trunk is a lot smaller than you think it will be. I suggest looking at one of the various drop-trunk kits or make your own.
    - I like the Breeze battery forward kit. Much less cable and easy routing.
    - If you can afford it, the CNC double or triple (if you plan a hydraulic clutch) reservoir is a nice upgrade over the FF versions. Kind of wish I'd gone that route.
    - Read lots of build threads, including EdwardB, Jazzman, wareaglescott, etc. Just about every problem you'll face has been worked through and solved with clear instructions and pictures. Any new problems and the forum will come to your rescue quickly.
    - I replaced the FF fuel supply with the Breeze system, with the fuel pressure regulator placed near the gas tank and flex line running up to the engine. It's a tight, clean setup with no line bending skill needed. It also eliminates a number of joints, plastic, and rubber pieces in the engine bay which I wasn't fond of.
    - If Cleco fasteners aren't mentioned in the build manual, you'll want to get maybe 50 1/4" and 20 2/16" fasteners, along with a wrench. Invaluable to keep Aluminum panels aligned while you drill holes.
    - I waited to collect tools until they were needed in my build. Some of the popular tools (sheet metal brake, etc) I don't need. Your custom build will determine what you need.

    Where are you located? A few more posts and you can edit your profile information. Having other builders close is a huge benefit.

    Mk4 #8861 Complete kit. Delivered: 27 Apr 2016, Roller: 12 Jan 2018

    Forte: 2016 Coyote & cover, alternator, engine controls, clutch kit, bellhousing, Moroso pan, TKO600, midshift, 3.55 axle, 190lph fuel pump, Spectre air inlet and filter. Breeze: battery forward and switch, fuel pressure regulator and braided hose, radiator shroud and mounts. Replicaparts: radiator panel, under dash panel, weathertight connectors.

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    Welcome to the asylum! At least all the inmates here have the same disease!

    I just took delivery of my kit (#9365) on July 2.

    There's some tips/pointers about delivery in that post.

    After inventory, I got started on the build - separating & storing the body
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    John D. - Minneapolis 'Burbs

    1965 El Camino - LT-1, 4L60e, 4wh discs, SC&C susp.
    2013 F-150 Platinum - Twin Turbo 3.5
    2018 Mk4 Roadster - #9365 Build Thread

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    Welcome to the club! Hopefully you are picking up your kit and saving some cash. Stewart is on my aggravation list at this point, as I have yet to receive mine...but I'm sure we'll get there....
    MKIV Roadster - Completion date: 6/16/18. Awaiting Delivery

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    You don't know it but trust me, you want power steering (not because the car is hard to steer but because in the end it will drive sooooo much better)


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    Thanks a lot for the good tips, Joe! We'll need to check out Breeze - sounds like they have a lot of good stuff. I'll get the cleco fasteners you mentioned too - good advice! We're in the southwestern portion of connecticut, unfortunately pretty far from washington (which is one of my favorite places, by the way!)... Any builders out there in connecticut or southeastern ny state? Thanks, again, Joe.

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    Thanks for the deliver tips, John. And thanks Jeff, too - sounds like it's worth it to pay for the power steering.

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