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Thread: Roadster electrical problem

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    Roadster electrical problem

    Nearing the end of our two year MKIV build. About a year ago, we had the car out and about go carting. No problems. So we know it worked. During body work, we have had electrical problems arise and now we cannot get the car started. For background, Forte but us a 351w and we used the Ron Francis wiring harness. Currently, we are not getting spark. We tested the cable from the coil to the distributor and we get one or two sparks and then nothing. Although, frustratingly, earlier in the day, we got consistent spark. But now, nothing.

    We also have had a hard time with the coil fuse blowing. Not sure if that is related to the other problem or not.

    Any help you could offer us toward trouble shooting the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    It sounds like you are loosing voltage to the coil during cranking. To verify whether this is the problem, put a meter or test light on the + side of the coil while cranking. If the voltage is constant, I would move to the distributor. I have not heard of fusing the hot to the coil. There have been reports of problems with the ignition switches.
    Putting the body on at the same time the problem occurred may be coincidental, but ?
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    I just had a no spark problem, wasn’t blowing cool fuse though.
    Ended up being the igniter module in my pertronix distributor. Replaced that and it fired right up. Apparently leaving the ignition on with engine not running fry’s them. I too was getting intermittent spark but wouldn’t start.
    Not sure on your setup but I know Mike likes to use pertronix.

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