I need some help locating a CAI that will fit the 5.0 coyote with CJ intake and dual 65mm TB. This is the same engine FF put in their display build of the 20th Anniversary edition roadster. I spoke with FFR, but they did not document their parts. I am sure someone has used this combination in this MKIV, but I have not found them, YET.
I do not mind building the CAI from parts, but do not want to buy a full system and have to chop it and it not fit.
My TB OD dimensions are 3.25 by 6.25" oval, approximate size.
The coal air tube needs to make an immediate 90* and short enough to put a MAF housing and filter on it before it runs out of room.
FFR got some of their parts from Silicone Ind. or something like that, but I have not found what I need.
Thanks for any help.