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Thread: Wheels & Tires

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    Wheels & Tires

    Well after waffling back & forth between about 10 different style wheels & tires, I am about to pull the trigger (I think ). I am proposing to go with 18" x 8" rims in the front (5-5/8" Backspace & 28mm Offset) with 245/35/18 Tires (24.75" Total OD) and 20" x 10" rims in the rear (7" Backspace & 39mm Offset) with 305/35/20 Tires (28.41" Total OD). I really like the rims but because of availability the rears are only available with the 7.00" offsets. So I am a little concerned there. I am not running fenders but I am running the FFR 4-link rear end with the non-adjustable control arms. All of the 33's I have wheel/tire data on are staying under 6.88" BS in the back and I don't really know if there are additional mods required. Would really appreciate any of you seasoned builders chiming in on this one.

    Thanks guys!
    33' Hot Rod Coupe/Roadster, Fendered, Ford 302, 350hp, EFI, AOD, 4-Link, Double Adjustable Koni Coilovers, Split Rear Exhaust, Electric Power Steering, AC/Heat/Defrost, Moser 8.8"-3.55, Willwood Front/Rear Brakes, 18" x 8" Fronts/20" x 10" Rears, Ordered: 1.26.17, Arrived: 3.29.17, First Start: 7.2.18, Go Cart: 11.4.18 Paint/Body: 2.23.19

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    I picked up my wheels and tires this week, like Santa coming with his hot rod sleigh!
    After hurting my brain researching tire and wheel combos i decided on a local company here in Bradenton, OE Wheels, they were great and their prices were awesome.
    Tires: P315/35-ZR17 Nitto NT555 G2 25.67”
    Wheels: 10.5”x17” w/ 5.25” backspace / 27mm offset Mustang Bullit style in chrome (will need 1/2" spacer)

    Tires: P255/40-ZR17 Nitto NT555 G2 25.04”
    Wheels: 9”x17” w/ 5.50” backspace / 24mm offset Mustang Bullit style in chrome
    I am running front and rear fenders

    Hub = 70.6mm
    Bolt = 5x114.3mm or 5x4.5”
    Chrome lug nuts and chrome valve stems (TPMS not required)

    Rear wheels don't fit, just rubbing on top of wilwood caliper, turns out the inside of 17x10.5 wheel is actually about 15" because the barrel jogs, see pic, not sure what to do now
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    I am in the same place as you are. Is the off set on the rear wheels +39 mm or -39mm. My concern is if the wheels you are looking at have a 7" and a -39 mm offset then you are actually looking at 8.5" of total backspacing and with +39 mm then 5.5" of total backspace.

    I think you have to do some measuring to find what will work best for you. I am not sure that I would trust what others have done when not knowing their entire configuration.


    I have three things that are affecting the required backspacing on my Hot Rod

    • I am using the rear end from a 2002 Mustang GT which is a bit wider than the older rear ends.
    • I have the adjustable control arms from DR so I have moved my rear end back further.
    • My tires are 3' wider than the wheels, adding 1.5" on the back side of the rear wheel.

    Once I figured all that I "mounted" the body using clamps and the required spacers. That allowed me to measure the clearance for the wheels\tires.

    You have to watch the front of the inner fender well as it angles in, you lose almost 3/4 to 1 inch in that area. I am going with a wheel that is custom made and starts with a zero off-set. After talking to the wheel company I am planning on going with a 7" backspace which should give me 1" of clearance. Than gives me 10" on the outside and 8" on the inside, I can always add a spacer if I need to move it a bit.

    Front of body clamped to Firewall

    Spacers between body and frame

    Ruler on mounting surface

    Measuring mounting surfaface to body
    Tim Sapp
    Build Blog:

    33 Hot Rod
    Delivered 5/31/2017

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    I was looking at same exact set up for the 35 truck. No problems putting the 315's on 10.5 wheels?

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