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Thread: FOR SALE: 2 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 Tires SOLD

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    FOR SALE: 2 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 Tires SOLD

    I have a pair of tires with about 5,000 miles on them
    275 /40ZR17, Radial, 98 Load Range, Y Speed Rated, Blackwall
    The tires were my rear tires.
    They are the best tires in the rain and perform amazing on the track... oh and they are quiet on the street too!
    I'm selling them as I have put up my track gear and am only doing traveling in the Mark I now. ( I may sneak off for a autocross or two still) Finally agreed with wife - time to leave the track events to others. I just still love to drive... still!

    The tires run about $300 each and if you are driving in the rain they are worth it! I drove them on the Charlotte (Lowes) Speedway in the rain - had the track all to my self as the other Shelby club stayed in the garage not wanting to come out and play in the rain! These tires stuck to the track! From the infield transition to the banked oval - huge pond - got some hydroplane then but held steering straight and took the 90 banked turn at speed - as soon as the tires touched the banking it was like on dry pavement. Immediate grip and off we went down the back side straight.

    These tires should NOT be driven in freezing weather as the rubber is so soft they are like bricks! You WILL spin on turns etc if the weather is freezing or close to it. There is even a warning on the side of the tires about not safe in freezing weather.

    As I'm in the northeast I have installed Michelin made branded Raptor tires, All Season, good for light snow, on my car.
    I have a hard top I'm installing all to be ready for the LIGHT white stuff. No am not going out in the 2-3 foot stuff

    I'll get pictures shortly and will try and measure the tread depth for you too.

    Send me a message about why you need them and we'll work out something.

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