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Thread: Goofy Odometer Behavior

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    Goofy Odometer Behavior

    Today on the drive home, I noticed my odometer was running at breakneck speed - approximately 1 mile per second! Even when completely stopped! I shut the car down when I got home, and then restarted it in the garage. The odometer was no longer counting up. I have not taken it for a second drive, so I don't know if a power cycle "fixed" the anomaly.

    While driving, the speedometer appeared to behave normally; only the odometer was wonky.

    I have the Speedhut classic gauges, no GPS.

    Has anybody seen this problem? Thoughts as to its origin?

    MK IV Roadster #8631
    Ford 302, Holley Terminator EFI, T5z, 3.55 Rear End, IRS, 17” Halibrand Replicas (9” front, 10.5” rear), Nitto 555 G2’s (275/40ZR17 front, 315/35ZR17 rear), Fast Freddie’s Power Steering, F5 Wilwood Brakes, FFMetal’s Firewall Forward, Forte’s Hydraulic Clutch & Throttle Linkage

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    It is a fault in the speedo. Send it to Speedhut. They will fix for free.

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