I do this every year but I think this is the first time I took a moment and recorded it.

2018 was good year for sure to own a Factory Five and I happen to own 2 right now... problems to have... couldn't decide which on to take out so I took both of them out . I went ahead and did a video of the entire event - edited out a lot of the straight cruising since it was boring to watch...

The truck continues to break in and run well... I did not spray it today so everything is done just on the motor with the 3.08 gears.. it was a little humid out but in the mid 50's. I did the truck first and then the coupe.. spent more time in the truck so you could see the highway driving with the OD and then some in and around town stuff... cameras were inside and out... sounds pretty good.

Overall I am glad to have the opportunities that I have had as a member of the Factory Five community. The "outlet" these endeavors/projects have given me have allowed me to stay strong mentally and physically... not to mention the friendships and memories I now have all because of this group.

So today... we start another year... and what better way to start.... driving a couple of my latest builds!!

Enjoy the video - it's a little long... and tires were sacrificed to bring this to you