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Thread: Wiring Guidance

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    Wiring Guidance

    Being a little slow on wiring issues, I would like to get some guidance. Throughout the build there are circuits that need a switched 12 volts, and others that require battery 12 volts all the time.
    The manual suggests using the choke wire in various places, if not using elec. choke (which I am), as a switched 12 volt source. I note that the choke circuit comes out of the Ignition feed area of the fuse panel.
    Cannot you use any of the other switched 12 volt circuits, such as radio, heater, wiper, if not using these components?, but I see they come out of the acc. feed area of the panel. Is this a problem?
    Likewise, cannot some of the memory circuits (speedo, clock) be used as 12 volt continuous battery leads in places requiring such, if not using the circuits for other purposes?

    Thanks, Ralph

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    Any of the ACC circuits that you are not using for the intended purpose can be repurposed. Just be aware of the amperage requirements of the device you want to install doesn't exceed the amperage rating of the circuit you are using. Most are 10 amp on the ACC circuits. For the un-switched power, the same applies. I'm using my radio wire for a USB charging port, my heater wire for my seat heaters, and I'll be using the electric choke wire for my SDC turn signal module.

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    on my other cars I put a battry post with power from the starter and use 70 amp relays to power most accessories and use the feeds from switch to trigger the relays
    I have burned out several ign switches HEI , air cond fans and other accessories can draw 30 amps easily

    another thing to do is to run a 150 amp alternator
    I did a road trip with a freshly rebuilt car and would run the battry down due to excessive power consumption

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