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Thread: New guy here, still in the planning stages. I have some questions.

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    With a $9990 Black Friday deal, MkVIII IRS, ~3-4k in options, 91' fox donor, selling off donor parts, wheels, tires, brake lines, mods, and a lot of blood/sweat... I'm at about 25k pre-paint. I started my build back in 2013, so even attempting that target may be hard to achieve now-a-day. No real point to this post other than to add another data point.

    Best of Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    A friend of mine used to be part owner of a performance shop. He offered to put cam in my C5 Z06 for $2800. In the end my engine, and trans transmission were rebuilt, my entire exhaust was replaced with ceramic coated headers and stainless components and we installed a NOS kit..... $9000 I was in trouble when the wifee found out.

    Yeah 9K is kind of hard to hide. It has to be in small orders across some time.

    I have done what you said you are not going to do. I stripped the motor and transmission from my Vette for the Hot Rod. I am also pulling the rear end for my next project which is a 23 Model T. It is already set up for a Corvette IRS so I will get parts for two cars out of it.
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