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Thread: what options are there for Grill Finishing?

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    what options are there for Grill Finishing?

    My options locally are Powder coating ($250 estimate) not impressed with the result as he suggested it would look like a Alum anodized finish.

    Near me in Clearwater is spectra-chrome, which is expensive, but he is working with me if I do the prep, and only one side, it'll be about $500.

    Chrome I hear, (no estimate) is $700.

    I guess I could paint it with a 2K light gray or something, but wish it was shinier?

    Tom Wallace is polishing his. I assume will clear coat his.

    Am I missing anything for ideas?

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    It could be painted the same color as the rest of the truck. But could also chip easy
    I am going to chrome mine gotta bite the bullet and pay up if I want the bling to match the headlamps and wheels.
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    Can the grill be buffed out to make it look like chrome I know I have buffed out a lot of things on Harleys over the years.

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    Just did mine on a 33, took quite a few hours. 600 grit, 800 grit then 1500 grit all with aluminum polish. Doesn't look like chrome but is a whole lot better than it being dull

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    Don't know much about the truck grill but if it's similar to the 33 (cast alum) then polish it if it's a driver. The nose of the car (truck) is going to see road debris and if it's coated with paint or powder coat it will chip and the alum will show through. And all those small slender fins will be a real problem to fix.

    I polished the grill shell on my 33HR but left the finish between mirror & scotchbrite, not so shinny that it's hard to re-polish but shinny enough that it looks good and hides small scratches. And a few minutes with some medium fine alum polish will restore it.
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