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Thread: Building a Cobra for a youtube series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    Maybe this will help explain it...

    Sorry, Kalvin! I couldn't resist poking a little fun at the People's Republic of Boulder. In all seriousness, if it were that easy to turn a 50% profit building these, I would be on my next build already! Good luck with the build and I hope it works out the way you have planned.


    Thanks for posting this. Living in Chapel Hill, I can relate to this exact situation! Folks here can be "interesting," in many of the same ways shown in that video.

    To the OP, best of luck with your build(s)! As already stated, there are some great folks here with tons of experience that are great at helping folks with their builds. I think you will be surprised at the selflessness routinely demonstrated here!

    I look forward to following along, and hope the build progresses in line with your expectations.



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    signed up as the popcorn popping!

    Good luck with the build and Welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimLev View Post
    That's good to hear, yes it will be a lot sketchier.
    You need to start a build thread too.

    Our son is living in Evergreen, when I get my 33 done I'll probably drive up there.
    Maybe drop in to see your build too.
    Awesome, I would love to pick your brain about the 33 if you stop by too!

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    Looking forward to watching this series and seeing how it all turns out.
    Factory Five Racing Roadster MKIV -- #9196 -- 347ci, 475 HP, 5 Speed, Red GelCoat

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    Ya gotta admit the Rat Fink and the Mystery Machine on the garage wall is pretty cool

    Iím on Vspeeds thought process.... wouldnít be surprised if Kalvin could actually pull something like that off... you never know.
    Anyway... welcome Kalvin! Iím subscribed, good luck and Iím looking forward to watching your build.

    If everything seems under control, youíre just not going fast enough....

    Build thread

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    Kalvin28 -

    where are you at in your build? Did you meet your mark of being a roller "by next week"?

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