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Thread: Tickets in your Hot Rod

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    Senior Member TDSapp's Avatar
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    Tickets in your Hot Rod

    Just curious if anyone has gotten a ticket in their Hot Rod? In this area I have been in my 76 Stingray and even if I was speeding it seemed that the cops would never pull me over. They might hit their lights to tell me to slow down but never actually get behind me. Had one cop follow me to the light just to pull up next to me and tell me that I had a nice car but to slow it down a bit.

    Does it seem to be that way with the Hot Rods as well?

    Tim Sapp
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    33 Hot Rod
    Delivered 5/31/2017

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    Hi Tim,

    I was stopped one time the fall of #007's first year, 2009.
    It was near dusk as I had my headlights on.

    "Honestly, Officer, I've not yet calibrated my speedometer......"

    The next day I did go find a measured mile and calibrate it.
    It was a relatively expensive calibration!


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    I stay out of residential areas for spirited driving. I have had a few tail me on occasion and I make sure they enjoy looking at the car. I engage the officers whenever I can, invite them to sit in the car and even try it out if they want too. Generally I will get a wave at lights and intersections. A couple of industrious officers have made quite an impressive production number by trailing me as lots of young people like to pass me, some coming foolishly close to causing wrecks and others wildly breaking the speed limit to get in front of me. I always wave as they are digging out their credentials, the officers usually wave back.

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    I had 2 VA State Troopers check my roadster out at a gas station. The male officer was interested in the build and engine while the female officer was asking about gauges and displays in the car. She asked specifically about the digital AFR display and even my garage door opener; both of which were visible under the dash. While he was truly interested in the car, turns out she was looking for a radar detector which is illegal in VA. Like others, I get waves from most LEO when on the road but have never been pulled over even though I do not have the front tag on the car.
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