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Thread: Easy riv nut tool anyone can make

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    Easy riv nut tool anyone can make

    Like everyone else I have suffered the pains of getting riv nuts installed with the tool supplied in my kit as well as another similar aftermarket tool I've owned for years. I finally went back to the tool I used on RV stuff in my previous life. Here's a few pictures and you can see it is a simple piece of 1/8 steel measuring 5" long by 3/4" wide. At the end is a hole just big enough to fit the screw size you are using. In this case, I have drilled end 1/4" on one end and the other to fit a #10 screw. That's about the same as for the 3/16 pop rivits. At each hole lication, I punched 4 notches with a small chisel. These notches raise enough metal to hold the rivnut from turning.

    Simply run a grade 8 screw sized to your rivnut through a washer and then through the tool and install the rivnut on the side where the notches are, snug if by hand and install in in its location. I have used a simple ratchet and socket to tighten it as well as a 12v small making impact driver. Try it in a few samples and you will quickly be amazed at how consistent you can be installing rivnuts using this simple tool. Here's some pictures:15596882838552524665.jpg 1559688361095222258989.jpg15596885425791859366586.jpg15596885844032037370184.jpg.. try it, you will be amazed at the simplicity.

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    interesting, thanks for sharing!
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