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Thread: Shifting into reverse at 50 miles per hour

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    Shifting into reverse at 50 miles per hour

    I saw something today that I thought would be very hard to do

    I was following an almost new Mustang GT on a two lane road today and we both passed a slow moving truck. It looked like the driver was trying to find fourth gear because the backup lights went on and off a couple of times and then stayed on, a second later both rear tires locked up for about fifty feet (My guess is he engaged the clutch). He pulled off the road a couple hundred feet later with the backup lights still on.

    There wasnít any other places to get off the road so Iím not sure what damage he did to the drive train but my guess is something broke when he engaged the clutch.

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    OMG. What was he thinking? Probably broke something? Let me count the ways... Reminds me of a story: we're at Silver Lake State Park in Michigan. This is where you can take your vehicle (assuming it is properly equipped according to the state) on the sand dunes. Frankly, this is very fun. So this guy has a brand-new Ram pickup. Goes flying over the dune and plants it on its nose. I bet those two people were related...
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    Put a 33 FORD into the median with one of those. Car had a TH400 Hydro-Stick conversion with a full manual shift body. Used an inline ratchet shifter & the detent pin fractured letting it go up into reverse while accelerating out of a stop light. Very exciting ride when you have no idea what was happening. Expect it might have killed me if it happened at EnglishTown where I was the day before.

    Got a careless driving ticket from a township LEO that happened by before I got back into the street. Told the judge what happened & he asked me if I was a mechanic. Told him I was an international banker but that I had built the car. Showed him the pictures of the build & the two pieces of the detent pin. Case dismissed after he went down to the parking lot to check out the car.

    Car was still drivable with care & got a replacement shifter from B&M.

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