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Thread: Type 65 Coupe Backup Lights

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    Type 65 Coupe Backup Lights

    Backup Light 1.JPGBackup Light Behind Louver.JPGBackup Light Exterior.JPGBackup Light Rear View.JPG
    Finalized my backup lights. Original plan was to use a pair of white Roadster lights ala Superformance but with the Roadster tail lights it looked a little "bulky".
    I fabricated a backup assembly using a bent 1/2" square aluminum tube and an LED strip. Bolted it up behind the Louver. Cant see the light unless you are on you hands and knees looking for it.
    They provide an adequate amount of light but not your daily driver type illumination.

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    Nice. I considered doing something similar, but with a regular light fixture. Didn't fit under the kit screens that I'm using, so went traditional. An LED strip is a good idea. Too late to go back now.
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    Looks pretty cool Joe!

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