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Thread: New Build

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    May 2019
    Johns Creek, GA
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    New Build

    Hello fellow builders. Received my kit July 30th and have begun the build. I am documenting my build via my website. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I'm a amateur web builder, but i think you will like it. Shout out to Ducky2009 for helping me get started. He built a body dolly and was kind enough to let me have it after his build. I'm hoping to be at the Caffeine and Octane car show with my new build sometime in 2020.


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    Welcome aboard! Congratulations and I can’t wait to follow along.
    "Doddmoore," Mitchell Moore on facebook, Follow Tonks347Cobra on Instagram
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    Hi Ogdommk4
    I am in Marietta and also received my MK4 on 7/30/19. Think our cars were on the same truck. I remember the driver saying that he had a delivery in Johns Creek.
    Good to know that there is someone else locally with a new MK4 build!
    Really like your build site. You've made some really good progress so far.
    I'm looking for some wheels and tires. Can you tell me what you plan on doing for wheels and tires?

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    My car will be delivered next week, I hope to be joining you at Caffeine and Octane sometime in late 2020 also. Nice website.
    25th Roadster #12 of 25
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    Congrats and welcome all you GA people! (Go Braves!) Your website is pretty cool ogdommk4. Seems to even work with my iphone well. Is there a reason your not coating or cleaning your F panels? Just curious on your plans....

    I hope your going to do a build thread Delta, we need to see someone put the 25th together. Hopefully Jeff K (don’t you love how I through out your name Jeff? But you truly are one of the builders extraordinaire) will share any pertinent info on them as he builds #1 lol Did you go with the bronze wheels? I love the style. Some people have been commenting on the color but there is always paint or powder to fix that. Again the style is pretty cool in my book.

    Good luck guys!

    If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough....

    Build thread

    MKIV complete kit # 9395 delivered 7/31/18

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    Hey ogdommk4, dig the website and you're making great progress as well! I have it bookmarked and will follow along! Enjoy the journey...


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