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Thread: Saturn Vue power steering options

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    Saturn Vue power steering options

    I've searched the forum for power steering options other than the FFR one. I have seen that the FFR unit can be installed at the bracket off the frame near the front of the engine on the '33. Others have installed the Saturn Vue used unit at the firewall.
    I'm wondering if the Saturn vue unit works at the original location by the front of the engine too? Or is it too big? I really don't want to spend $1200 for power steering and just looking for a cheaper option. had the Saturn vue kit for $600, but I don't want to drop that money unless it easily bolts to the frame in the original intended locations.

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    Well, there are very few components in this kit that just bolt together, but the Electra-Steer EPS system is pretty dang close... There are several other options for EPS besides the Vue unit. You can find ATV/SxS units with enough power (SuperATV), and there are a couple other companies like EPAS Performance, DCE, and Flaming River. But if you want something that just bolts into place and has all the needed hardware, required shafts, joints, and correct electronics/wiring - that's where the extra $600 comes in for the FFR EPS Kit.
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    I am using the Saturn Vue PS unit on my 33 and have been very pleased with it. There have been a few threads on its use in the past and they all have used a different mounting location from the factory. There are controllers sold on Ebay for them and one now automatically varies the amount of assist as needed. I have inserted a picture of my mounting.


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    I gave this a lot of thought a while back. I even bought a unit from a wrecked Vue. I modified the control unit to mount under the dash by lengthing the wires and I bought the Ebay unit. Before I got around to doing the installation, my family bought the ffr unit for my birthday. I have the vue unit complete with everything I bought but I have never installed it. If you are interested in buying it, send me a pm. It will go for basically what I have in it plus freight from the Sacramento, CA area.

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