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Thread: Power Steering Pump installation

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    Power Steering Pump installation

    I just installed the KRC power steering kit onto my Coyote engine and i have a slight interference with a boss on the cylinder head (see red circle on photo). I've rotated the pump as far as it can go and the belt is tight. It appears that the fluid reservoir is kinda clocked to the left a bit However I think this may be normal (see second photo). I followed the instructions and it seems the only adjustment that can be made is rotating the pump on the bracket. Are there any additional adjustments I can make? The only way I can think of to straighten the pump and reservoir is to get a longer belt.

    Thanks for any thoughts on this,

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    Interesting, when I bought my KRC power steering pump for my 2015 Coyote it had a remote reservoir.


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    Quote Originally Posted by grluisi150 View Post
    Interesting, when I bought my KRC power steering pump for my 2015 Coyote it had a remote reservoir.

    Same here. 2015 Coyote build KRC required a remote reservoir. Sometime since then they released this new version with the integral tank. It's a nice improvement. Like the simplicity. I have it installed in my Gen 3 Coupe/Gen 3 Coyote build. Using all the parts provided from KRC, the reservoir is nearly perpendicular and has no clearance issues. As far as I can tell, no differences between Gen 2 and Gen 3 Coyote in this area. Lots of these have been installed by other builders, so hard to say what's going on with this one. Can't see anything obvious from the pictures. Here's mine FWIW. Are the pulley sizes the same? It would seem you need a shorter belt, not a longer one. But from your pictures, then the pulleys would run into each other.

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