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Thread: MK4 Roadster - First Hello!

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    MK4 Roadster - First Hello!

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum so thanks for having me. I'm in the early planning stages towards ordering a MK4 complete kit, likely with Coyote engine, but it'll be several months yet before I'm in a position to begin my build. In the meantime, I'm happy to listen/read and learn from folks here. It's clear that there are hundreds of thousands of hours of combined experience and lessons learned spread among those lucky enough to have already begun or completed their builds.

    My experience with cars mainly concerns track-day cars and was mainly limited to European and Japanese 1980s and 1990s models. I've assembled a few simple engines (although always outsourced the fabrication and tuning of the internals to the experts) and have installed them, tuned them, etc. I've also changed clutches, assembled transmissions, changed/upgraded brakes, etc. I have no experience with bodywork (unless you count "re-configuring" my bumpers on trackside barriers from time to time in my younger days) so will very likely leave that to someone who can do it justice.

    I've begun reading the build guides and supplemental instructions available on the FFR site. The more you know...

    Taking on a full build is certainly a little daunting but that's part of the fun - especially given the prize you end up with when all is said and done. I'm looking forward to refreshing a few old skills and learning plenty of new ones along the way.

    I'm based up in Vancouver, BC and would be keen to hear from or meet up with any other local builders who might want to show off their projects a little. I've also done a fair bit of professional automotive photography and am looking forward to creating a few pieces in the new year when the roads are clear again and the toys come out to play.

    I also use rendering software in my day job and have been putting together some renders to help me dream about colour options (despite being years away from that stage!) I'll upload a couple here when they're ready.

    Thanks again for having me.

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    Hi mad_dr,

    Welcome to the coolest site on the internet! Here, you'll find nothing but the most excellent people and a knowledge base that you can't find anywhere else! Study the various builds, specifically, those that are building something similar to what you yourself have dreamed about. That and float around to all the cool builds that are happening on the various kits being offered. So, buckle up your 5-Point Harness. Grab some popcorn or your favorite beverage (tea in my case) and read on... Enjoy your stay!


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