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Thread: Torque Spec for Motor Mount Bolts

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    Torque Spec for Motor Mount Bolts

    I'm preparing to drop the engine in this weekend. Here'e my question: what torque spec should I use on the bolts that hold the motor mounts to the block? I talked to Energy Suspension tech support and they said consult the factory service manual. The factory service manual for a Mustang I found says "tighten snuggly." The ES tech guy did say that it would probably be something around 40 ft-lbs, and to make sure to use anti-seize. Does 40 ft-lbs with anti-seize sound like a good plan for this?

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    I made myself a list of torque specs that I printed out and keep in my garage, including the sequence for my intake manifold. It is good for general maintenance and doing a yearly nut and bolt.

    Here is the engine / transmission mount section.

    Engine/Transmission Mounts
    Transmission Mounts (Tranny to mount) 50-70
    Transmission mount (Mount to frame) 25-35
    Engine mount (Engine to mount) 35-60
    Engine mount (Mount to frame) 50-105
    Driveshaft bolts 70-95

    I would do 50 with anti-seize.

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    I've got the same values as Avalanche. However, according to this chart http://www.repairengineering.com/bolt-torque-chart.html using anti-seize means you should reduce the dry torque value 20%. That means your engine to mount torque spec is 28-48 ft-lbs using anti-seize.

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    That's a steel to iron thread, no need for anti-seize on those. In fact I would recommend against anti-seize on those, aluminum and stainless steel are really the only places needed.

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