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Thread: trunk carpet

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    trunk carpet

    Where is the best place to get trunk carpet?

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    I just purchased the black indoor/outdoor stuff from Home Depot, worked fine. Do yourself a favor and make cardboard/heavy paper templates of your trunk aluminum, as it will be easier to cut and install the carpet using the templates once the body is in place.

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    If you have the standard FFR carpet installed on the interior, and you're interesting in the trunk carpet matching, FFR sells their carpet by the yard. It's 72 inches wide. I know not everyone agrees, but I find this higher quality than the carpet I could find in the big box stores.

    That's what I did. Have some leftover for patches, repair, etc. if needed.
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    I was afraid that black would be too dark in the trunk so used a mottled gray from Lowes on mine. Composition wise it is identical to the black FFR carpet (which they also had at Lowes).

    I used the same when I built the Mk4 for Steve:

    I did not see a need to use insulation in the trunk of either car.


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    Wow, Jeff I find you an I think alike one several issues. Thats the same carpet I used, was great in the trunk.

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    I wish I had done my trunk carpet while the body was off like you did. I am doing the trunk carpeting next as well. and will use the template idea mentioned above

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    If you're using the FFR carpet in the cockpit and want the trunk to match, FFR will sell you some un-cut carpet by the yard. I bought 2 linear yards from them to do mine.

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    In reading this post, I too now realize it would have been easier to carpet my trunk area of my MKII before mounting the body, but I never thought of that at the time. I got my trunk carpeting from Mark at Breeze Automotive as part of a carpet upgrade for the entire car. I installed my carpet so it could be removable if I ever wanted. If it got soaked, for example, it would dry out much faster outside the car. I attached it with Velcro patches along with double-sided (Home Depot) carpet tape, and that works fine. The Breeze carpet is not rubber-backed so I had a bit of trouble getting the Velcro to stay in place until I glued all of the patch perimeters with crazy glue.
    The carpeted trunks in the above photos look to be very nicely done. Just one tip: bungee cords are a nice addition because anything back there will slide around easily, and it will generally come to rest against the inside of the trunk lid. Once the lid's open, the stuff in on the ground!

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