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Thread: My list of period-correct mods

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    My list of period-correct mods

    Here's the list of the mods that have been incorporated into 7074 (Mk3.1). Many of these aren't correct for an original AC, but I think they add a nice vintage touch. Others would not be necessary on the current Mk4.

    In no particular order, here's what I've done or, in some cases, what I'm planning:

    • Riveted hood scoop – FFR supplied option
    • Rivets ringing the leading edge of the hood
    • Bumpers w/hoops – polished stainless steel (FFR)
    • Roll hoop, driver’s side only – 1 ” Mk4 version (FFR – chromed by Kerr West)
    • Four-into-four headers and side pipes – semi-gloss black (FFR pipes ceramic coated by Lo-Ko)
    • Smiths mechanical gauges set in an S/C dash layout – speedometer, tach, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, volts, and fuel (Nisonger)
    • Period correct switches, knobs, and indicator lights on dash – combination of OEM Ford and Lucas (Finishline and Moss Motors – mostly MG and Healy parts)
    • Pull straps on doors (hooked to door latches to act as a release pull) – black leather (Cobra Restorers – also available from Breeze)
    • Door panels, black, with map pockets – black vinyl (Herb’s)
    • Locking glove box to match dash covering (RV supply house)
    • Tags (AC Cars and Shelby American) – stamped with donor SVT engine # and my personal build #
    • Dash to transmission tunnel tubes (non-structural – used to route speedo cable and rear wiring harness)
    • Seat mounting pans (Breeze)
    • Serge-bound carpet edges where visible
    • Coco mats – custom floor mats in period-correct materials (
    • Degas tank with “FoMoCo” stamped hoses and tower clamps – OEM Ford modified big block style (Ebay)
    • Holley 650 cfm double-pumper with mechanical linkage
    • Early-style engine front cover with V-belt pulleys
    • OEM Ford dual-point distributor with Pertronix and Pertronix coil with yellow painted top
    • Turkey pan for carb
    • S&H air cleaner with K&N filter instead of green foam (Cobra Restorers)
    • Hood opening under scoop modified to fit turkey pan
    • Oil catch can on firewall (Original S/C design from Cobra Restorers – Kohler lawnmower gas tank version)
    • Girling remote brake reservoir cans (pair from Moss Motors) with braided supply lines (Pegasus Auto Racing) and adapter nipples (Lodestone Billet Works) to attach to OEM Ford ’94 SVT master cylinder
    • Original style hood hinges (Breeze)
    • Hood hinge filler panel (Breeze)
    • Hidden trunk hinges (Breeze)
    • Windscreen washer squirters, bottle, and pump (Moss Motors)
    • Turn signal – self cancelling with lever pointing to passenger side as original and no push switch on the end – small end custom made by Russ (Russ Thompson)
    • Aluminum handle for OEM Ford parking brake lever – extra machining by me to add original shape (Replica Parts)
    • Trunk lid support rod (Finishline)
    • Trunk lid, modified without peak (FFR Mk4)
    • Grommets in tail below trunk lid for bungee cord
    • Grommets for bumper brackets (Finishline)
    • Grommets for roll hoop (FFR)
    • Rectangular tail lights with original Lucas lenses (Finishline – lenses sourced from private seller in England)
    • Original Lucas lenses for front marker lights (private seller in England)
    • Windshield support rod and bracket (Finishline)
    • Vintage Road America water transfer “June Sprints” decal from ’65 (Ebay)
    • Rockguards for headlamps (Finishline)
    • Driving lights (Lucas P700) – mounted on bumper hoop in radiator opening (Moss Motors)
    • Lucas Tri-Bar headlights (Moss Motors)
    • Black e-tape on headlights
    • FFR Halibrand-style wheels with knock-off centers (17x9 front & 17”x10.5” rear)
    • Soft top and side curtains (FFR old-style with lexan sliding windows in side curtains)
    • Tonneau cover – black vinyl (FFR)
    • Lift-the-dot posts and side curtain ferrules for top and tonneau
    • Rolled cowl front and rear with exposed rivet heads
    • Rolled wheel well lips
    • AC pedal covers (brake and clutch)
    • Original-style throttle pedal on Russ Thompson pedal lever
    • Side louvers painted body color (Finishline)
    • Badges (Cobra enamel-style) for nose and tail (Finishline)
    • AC badge for steering wheel center
    • Waxed cord wrap on steering wheel at spokes
    • “Powered by Ford” badges for sides (289 style without engine size)
    • Wind wings with logo removed (FFR)
    • Sunvisors (FFR)
    • Windshield side post plates and washers – original style (Finishline)
    • Grab handle on passenger side cowl – original style (Finishline)
    • Safetywire on wheel knock-offs
    • 1965 license plate (choice of Illinois or CA Shelby manufacturer)
    • Shelby Motors license plate frame
    • Trunk carpeting (FFR)
    • Foot-well ducts with period-correct “pull” knobs on far outside edges of dash (PaulProe)
    • Map reading light on passenger side of dash - Lucas (MGA parts from Moss)
    • “The Last Open Road” sticker – Highly recommended fiction novel on road racing in the 1950’s by Burt Levy – the first in a series
    • Engine bay battery box with Lucas decals and fake filler caps on battery (Breeze)
    • Hilte low-expansion foam filler for inside doors (electrical contractor supply house or Ebay)
    • Rolled door openings with exposed rivet heads
    • Foot dimmer switch for headlamps (NPD for Ford OEM part)
    • OEM Ford 1G alternator with “Autolite” production ink stamp and OEM appearing brackets
    • OEM Ford voltage regulator (NPD reproduction Ford part)
    • OEM Ford starter solenoid (NPD reproduction Ford part)
    • Engine bay wiring harness (NPD reproduction Ford part)
    • Oil cooler (FFR)
    • Factory-appearing placards/decals/labels (Year One, NPD, Mustangs Plus, and Moss Motors)
    • Trunk floor storage bin (Dark Water Customs)
    • Tecalemit grease gun in trunk
    • Tool roll with vintage tools
    • Spare tire and jack (OEM Ford parts – space saver from donor car)
    • Splashguards inside rear wheel wells (Dark Water Customs)
    • Rear fender spats – aluminum (past vendor – Brian Alvarez)
    • Original style ashtray on top of trans tunnel (Cobra Restorers)
    • Reverse lock-out style shift lever and flat-top black round knob with four-speed markings
    • Original style hood prop rod (homemade)
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Hodgkins View Post

    I haven't kept a build log, but lots of the mods are documented here under my user name of CCRsAC:

    "There are no more monsters to fear, and so, we have to build our own."
    Mk3.1 #7074

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    Great job Chris. I have been inspired by many of the mods you have posted and trying to incorporate them into my build also. Currently working on installing a 60's Ford Galaxie degas tank.


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    Dang, that's impressive!

    Nice work. x2 on the pics.
    FFR 7123 tilt front, Levy 5link/wilwoods/LCA's, webers.
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    Thats alot of stuff!
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