At the direction of the "Count Von- Coupe", Ron Schofield, i contected the Provincial Department of Transportation regarding the eventual registration of my coupe. In many, if not all, of the provinces, these kit cars need to be inspercted by a SAE qualified engineer for safety and road worthiness prior to being licensed for the road. Thankfully, there is a consutling engineer here in New Brunswick that is qualified as such.

I called his office yesterday and was able to speak with him directly. I was pleasantly surprised at his familiarity with not only kit cars in general, but in particular Factory Five, and more specifically, the coupe! He is obviously a car enthusiast, and we chatted briefly about both the roadster and the coupe. He was able to give me some fantastic direction and very specific issues that i will need to deal with from a road worthiness standpoint.

Here in New Brunswick, i will need to build some additional protection around the fuel tank unless i use a cell, I will need to incorporate wipers, a defroster, rad overflow tank, at least H rated tires, 3 point belts, and some additional shielding around the headers. I will need to be mindful of sealing the cabin from the engine compartment.

Generally, those points aside, he advised me to follow the manual closely and i should be fine.

That was a weight off!