One of the main reasons this forum was created was to protect the cottage industry surrounding Factory Five. We set initial vendor rates extremely low to give start ups and those hit hard by the current economy a chance to advertize their work for potential customers. Over on the site several non-supporting vendors have circumvented this by having customers post pics of their work and mention their name but provide no link to the vendor. Then those interested in working with the vendor could do so via PM. This in blatantly unfair to those vendors who choose to support the site and it will not be tolerated here.

We will delete posts that we decide are attempts to advertise without supporting this site. If it happens repeatedly, infractions will be given, up to and including being banned from the site.

Just to be clear, we don't want to discourage posting about work done by folks using vendors who are unknown to this site. Posting about an unknown vendor you have found who did innovative work on your build is still allowed. But repeated posts/threads about non-supporting vendors will be subject to the rules mentioned above. At just $10/month, even the smallest vendor - or potential vendor - can afford to support this site in order to show their work or use the user base to help develop a product.

Thank you for your understanding on this issue. As ever, comments/questions are welcome, so if any of the above is unclear, feel free to post here or contact any Mod by PM if clarification is needed.

If you are interested in supporting this site by becoming a supporting vendor, please see this page: