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Thread: What does FFR, the US Secret Service, and Henry Renaud (65 Cobra Dude) have in common

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    What does FFR, the US Secret Service, and Henry Renaud (65 Cobra Dude) have in common

    Hi all,

    I wanted to share something funny (and I think interesting) with you guys!

    Julie's parents have a winter home in Jupiter Florida and the first Winter after they bought the house, a few years ago, they became very good friends with a neighbor. Not just any neighbor but Bob Burke. Bob was a Deputy Director of the US Secret Service and protected four presidents. He's an extremely funny guy and I'm lucky enough to spend some time with them each time we visit. The stories defy belief.

    This is Bob back in the day

    He's the guy that is just under the 'M' and is looking very intently at 'somebody of interest'. :-)

    So, how does this tie in to FFR and Henry?

    My Father In Law and Bob have always been trading jokes on each other. They steal each other's golf carts, wrap doors and fronts of houses in Crime Scene tape, essentially fun stuff like that.

    So a few days ago, Bob fell off his bar stool while completely sober and it was so funny that my FIL and another friend of theirs (another Secret Service retiree) wouldn't let him live it down. In fact, my FIL asked me if I knew where I could get an old set of seatbelts to attach to Bob's bar stool as a joke. I told him that I might be able to come up with something and posted to the forum here to see if anyone had an old set they didn't need.

    Henry (65 Cobra Dude), a great friend of ours, PM's me and says he has a set of FFR Simpson seatbelts that came out of his '33 after a Camlock upgrade and he'd send them out and wouldn't even take shipping for them. Henry, I owe you a :beer: man.

    So without further delay, here is a picture of the unveiling of the Seat Belted Barstool with Bob sitting in it. (a few years and pounds later than the first picture of him above). Don, my Father in Law, is on the left.

    Henry, thanks again man. It really worked out well and made their day! I understand that the belts are staying on the stool!


    Robert, I really miss you man

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    Great story and it was my honor to help out such great men.


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    What was he doing on a bar stool fully sober???

    Well, if he was driving that makes sense to buckle up.

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    Too cool....
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