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Thread: Stunning Factory Five GTM Debuts in Puerto Rico!

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    President, Factory Five Racing Dave Smith's Avatar
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    Stunning Factory Five GTM Debuts in Puerto Rico!

    Factory Five customer Hugo R. built this beautiful GTM Supercar in Puerto Rico. Hugo sent me a cool e-mail with a few images.

    “Yesterday a local TV show recorded a cool segment about my car. Attached are two pictures taken during the filming. The segment is supposed to be aired this Wednesday. After it airs, I will send you a YouTube link to it so you can see it. Once again thanks for making this kit and putting a super car within my reach.” – Hugo R., Puerto Rico

    One of the great pleasures of my job is seeing finished cars built from our chassis kits. This GTM shows how much craftsmanship and passion goes into each Factory Five. Congratulations, Hugo!

    Dave Smith

    Dave Smith, FFR 001
    Factory Five Racing

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    Love the car great color combo [email protected]

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    Somehow it looks warmer there in Puerto Rico than it is currently in Wisconsin! He should have my '33 Roadster and I should have his enclosed GTM!


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    Senior Member rev2xs's Avatar
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    I think at 3min and 52seconds, that says it all really..

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    I speak Spanish. The guy reports a lot of accurate GTM details, and he's obviously not using que cards. Of course, he compares it at several points to a NASCAR, but I think that has more to do with the expected audience understanding than his own.

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    Factory Five Distributor Hammink Performance's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rev2xs View Post
    I think at 3min and 52seconds, that says it all really..
    Haha I could definately see you go down the road like that Tom! Almost there!
    Distributor of Factory Five for Europe

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