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Thread: A few reminders to all owners & a good read for soon to be's

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    Excellent advice as I am contemplating purchasing a cobra in the next few weeks. I am reminded of the old aviator saying... there are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there aren't any old bold pilots.

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    This such great advice. I like the idea of inscribing the dash with "take me for granted, and I will kill you." But I will add " and we shall perish together in each others arms!"

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    Great Article, Glad you took the time to explain the facts!!! Thank You!
    Mk 4, 347 BluePrint Stroker, Blueprint 347 Stroker, Ford racing HD T-5 transmission, 3:27 8.8 reared, Ram clutch kit, Vintage Air front runner system, FITech Fuel injection Indigo Blue / Silver Stripes, 17" Wheels. AC, Heater, Conv Top Titles and Built 2016

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    Outstanding article -it was an eye-opener for me! Am in process of acquiring a garage queen, and looking forward to getting it running. Track days and auto cross are on the agenda, all with an extremely large dose of respect!
    Thank you for the article. I concur with the idea that it should be included with every new member registration.

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    As others have said, so very well written. My personal rules include: NEVER drive my beast after a cocktail (yes I know that should go for any car), always check rear tire pressure to make sure they’re near equal. Why? You can put the car sideways in a heartbeat if you deliver enough power to break the rear loose. Ask me how I know.

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