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Thread: Twin Turbo Engine

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    Twin Turbo Engine

    Anyone installed a twin turbo engine like Nelson Racing builds? I would think the fitment may be an issues with the turbo outriggers or maybe not? What is your experience and suggestions?

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    Check some of the threads. I saw a twin turbo 33 in a picture.

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    I'm interested in a turbo setup as well. Please post a link if you find it.

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    Is there less engine room in the 33 compared to the Roadster? There are multiple Roadster builds with twins.

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    Packaging the turbos inside the hood side panels will be quite challenging on the 33 and may flat out just not fit. However having them outside the side panels should make the installation pretty easy.

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    I'm looking at the option but will only run side panels part time. I'll figure something out. Even at that, I would plan the turbos to be outside the plane of the side panels.
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    Packaging is the problem.....this car is a big-block.

    Where would this setup fit in an FF '33 with its front suspension design?
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