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Thread: Casey Cabin

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    The rock work and door look great. I too have a "new" project as we have bought a house on 3 acres of land (or should I say weeds). Lots of work to get done before I can get started on the real projects like removing wallpaper from every room (yes I said every room, closet and shelf has wallpaper on it and many different patterns).
    Thanks for the update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WIS89 View Post

    That's funny stuff. I pictured you like Austin Powers petting his cat delightedly engaging the passers by!

    And that name; John Deer. Funny stuff that!

    Love the stone work. Is it required to close-in under the deck like that? To keep critters out?

    I know it is hard work, but you all have done a really nice job!


    It is required that we close in the deck, but I don't think it's because of the critters. The cabins are historic so we have many, many restrictions and I think it has more to do with that. Where the tree comes through the deck, there is a big hole. In fact, I was sitting there the other morning and heard a clucking sort of noise. I turned around and there was a little chipmunk sticking his head through the hole reminding me I hadn't fed him peanuts yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 68GT500MAN View Post
    The rock work and door look great. I too have a "new" project as we have bought a house on 3 acres of land (or should I say weeds). Lots of work to get done before I can get started on the real projects like removing wallpaper from every room (yes I said every room, closet and shelf has wallpaper on it and many different patterns).
    Thanks for the update.
    Congratulations!!!!! I don't envy you even the tiniest bit. When we bought our first house, wallpaper was abound. I can't tell you how many hours I spent removing it. That's when I worked nights and Mike worked days. Memories. I would love to see pictures of your wide variety of wallpaper patterns. Any roosters? The bulk of what I removed had roosters on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRSQSL View Post
    Congratulations!!!!! I don't envy you even the tiniest bit. When we bought our first house, wallpaper was abound. I can't tell you how many hours I spent removing it. That's when I worked nights and Mike worked days. Memories. I would love to see pictures of your wide variety of wallpaper patterns. Any roosters? The bulk of what I removed had roosters on it.
    I will get some photo,s for you. The kitchen does have roosters, on the wallpaper, back splash tile and even several single tiles in the island! We have attacked one room so far and after the texture it looks pretty good to me.
    Built FFR5196 MKII in 2003, 427w
    Building FFR0058HR, Edlebrock 347-AOD

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    I think it's a rule that kitchen wallpaper has to involve roosters. I'm so incredibly sorry.

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    Roosters in the kitchen. Its not a rule its a LAW. The cabin is looking beautiful. The envy meter just went to eleven.

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    Julie, is your cabin ok? Looks like the Blue Cut fire is in your area. Jim Herney
    Mk3.1 Complete kit #6846 Delv. 12/20/08-- Finished 2/11/11, 89 302 EFI,T-5, 3-Link, 17" Halibrands, Nitto 555 245-315 tires, widened drivers footbox w/ dead pedal, extended passengers footbox,Sapphire Blue Met & Wimbledon White stripes,radiator stone guard shield, Build blog

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    Thanks for asking. Yes. The cabin is okay. We were pretty scared for awhile, but the firefighters managed to stop the blaze before it hit town. Hopefully the winds won't shift. I sure hate fire season. I'm fairly certain I have gray hair now.

    I haven't been posting updates because Mike has been doing 99% of the work, so I figured there was no point in yammering on about all the stuff I didn't do. We have three new windows which Dan built. They look amazing!!!!!! Mike put barn doors on the garage instead of that old lift up door. I have a new mountain bike which I'm hoping to take on its maiden mountain voyage. I took it out on its maiden city voyage last night. I didn't fall off or fling into anything. It's going to take me awhile to figure out the gears.

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    Here is wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving to all your family. Hope to hear from y'all soon. Be safe and have a good one.

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    Ah, that's really nice. Thank you! I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving as well.

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    Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas. I just know the New Year will bring wonderful things for your family. Be safe this New Year's eve. Looking forward to seeing posts again.

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    I feel so bad for not working on the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked Mike to please help me. I am hopeful we will get back out there soon. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I really, really appreciate the gentle nudging.

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    Now I just feel silly. I didn't realize this was the cabin thread. Okay. I have cabin updates. I was just waiting until the work was done.

    We did the one thing probably everyone on this forum wonders why we didn't do sooner. We expanded the garage. Shhhhhh!!!!!! USFS may not exactly have fully given us 100% permission. They said we could do the roof and the doors and had to replace the siding. It's not my fault the garage accidentally grew 9 more feet and now has a paved floor.

    I'd like to say I did all the work, but it isn't true. I stood and watched and handed people things and did what little I could. What is shocking, is that the bulk of the work was done in three days!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness we had the help of a cabin neighbor or two. Mike rented some sort of heavy machinery (which I got to play with for a few minutes and it was a ton of fun). He dug out and flattened and did whatever men with big construction toys do. We were then able to put up a small block wall and fill it with concrete to prepare for the structure.

    The following weekend, we pulled down the back of the shed/garage (mostly cabin neighbor did) and leveled the ground before putting in rebar. The cement truck arrived so we could pour the floor. This is terrifying. The truck is huge. I think my head came up to mid grill. It was okay when it was sitting there spinning slowly like a cow chewing its cud. When the driver slammed it into high speed to actually pour the concrete, my heart began to race. I do NOT like that noise. It was loud and rumbly and the truck was shaking. I wanted to run and hide. I managed to stand my ground and attempt to look unperturbed. Mike, Steve and cabin neighbor slopped the mix around and gave excellent directions to the driver. I was rather impressed. It looked exhausting and really, really heavy. I mean, duh. Of course concrete is heavy once it's dry. It didn't occur to me it's heavy when it's wet. Again, really stupid since I have lugged buckets of the goop around on two separate occasions so I'm fully aware how hefty it is.

    Lots of smoothing ensued and watering and finally eating and resting.

    Day two consisted of framing. Again I did the handing and standing and holding. I didn't partake in climbing or nailing or heavy lifting. The frame was sheathed as was the roof area. Steve and I worked with the paint sprayer and installed bats (not the flying kind). Day three was the rest of the siding, painting, roofing and moving stuff back into the garage. A couple of days later, actual roofers came out and changed the shingles on the old part from brown to green and then shingled the new section with green. It looks amazing.

    The following weekends involved a whole lot of cabinet building, shelf installation, organizing and labeling. It is amazing and now we can fit the Jeep inside.

    A couple of weeks ago Mike installed valves so that we can turn the water on and off and drain the cabin from inside instead of having to wade through snow and get dripped on and dirty. A-MAZING!!

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    As everyone here says, No pictures then it didn't happen. Now you just need to add on to the garage at your house. Add another bay with a 15 ft ceiling so you can fully utilize the lift. Better yet new house with a four care garage. Glad everything is going well. Happy New Year!

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    I'll try with pictures, but I'm not so good. Yeah, it'd be nice to have more garage room at the house, but I don't see that happening. Mike did drive Scoopy to work today though. I'm going to be anxious until both Mike and the car are locked safely in the garage tonight.

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    We miss you. How is Coupey and the Cabin?

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    Coupey is too high for me to work on! We are moving this coming weekend and had to stack the cars through the whole selling process. Scoopy is under the lift and Coupey is on top. Mike and I have only been going to the cabin for overnight trips on weekends so that we can pack. It has taught us we can still enjoy the cabin, but spend some time at home. He has mentioned a couple of times in the last month that he is really itching to get back in the garage and help me with the car. I foresee good things as long as the move goes smoothly. I don't ever ever ever ever want to move again. The new house actually closed escrow this morning. Buying went relatively smoothly, but I can't say the same for selling. Talk about drama. We have been on an emotional roller coaster since the end of March. It'll be nice to be settled, but I'm really going to miss this house. We've lived here for 13 years. Sniffle. Anyway, I'm hoping we can start working on Coupey in a couple of months. There is some stuff we will need to do on the new house (along with unpacking) so I don't think I can have Mike's focused Coupey attention for awhile. We haven't done much with the cabin lately. Winter was a little harsh and spring started out very muddy. I don't anticipate doing much work on the cabin this year. I think it'll be Coupey's year (at least I hope so). Mike says I'm in charge of demo in the new master closet so that we can install a closet system. If that turns out to be entertaining, I'll write. I've never demoed a closet before. I don't want to jinx anything, but how hard could it be to remove a few poles and shelves? Thanks for asking about us!!

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    Wow! A new house. I hope everything has gone well with the move. I know you will put your special touch on your new home. Are you still in Corona or somewhere else. I hope you and Mike are closer to work. I will look forward to updates. Your posts are such an uplifting part of this site. My beautiful wife has just retired after 30+ years with the same law firm as an accounts manager. Me, I'm probably the stupid one still working after 42+ years with the state department of health in Mississippi. Maybe next year I will kick out and catch another wave. Might even build a Gen 3 Coupe. Here's wishing the best for you and your family.

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    Sorry it took me so long to reply. We are still in Corona, but closer to work. It's amazing when Mike calls to tell me he's leaving work and then he shows up 30-45 minutes later. We probably should've done this years ago. Congratulations to your wife on her retirement. I'm envious. You should build a coupe. Everyone should build a coupe. Oh wait, maybe I should stop telling people what to do and take my own advice. Poor Coupey.

    We haven't been doing any work at the cabin that would make for an interesting story. We have been busy with pine needle cleanup. We did Dan's as well and discovered a rattlesnake in the process. Mike was so calm he tricked me into being calm and I actually walked towards it a little (don't worry, I was still about 12 football fields away - ha, ha). We had nothing to kill it with (which I was actually happy about because I'm not a fan of killing anything), so it lived to see another day (hopefully not us again). It was big and scary and shouldn't exist. It made noise. It slithered. I liked nothing about the experience and I refused to go in that general area for a couple hours. I worked on the other side of Dan's massive yard. Anyway, we finished his, but ours is still a work in progress.

    We went down the mountain Saturday to take Alyssa back home (she got called into work) and left the dog and bird (oh, we have a bird now). We were headed back when our cabin neighbors texted to say there was a fire. I was driving, so Mike pulled out his phone and looked it up. Yup. I couldn't understand how a fire could be burning in the same place the last fire burned. What is burning?! They shut down the roads leading in, so we figured we were going to have to take the excessively long way around. Fortunately, the firefighters were on the ball and got it out quickly enough that they opened the main road before it was an issue. Thankfully the neighbors up there are good with our animals and could've gotten in and rescued them. I didn't like that experience, though. What I did find much more enjoyable was an evening in the observatory that night. We got to see Saturn and Jupiter and Ring Nebula. Wow. Just wow. Of course we didn't get to bed until after 2:30am, but totally worth it.

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    Just keeping in touch. Ever since the news of the fires in CA I have been concerned. I see where some areas in Corona were evacuated. I pray everything is OK with you and your family. How about the new home and the cabin?

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    Thanks for thinking of us. The first fire was really close. Too close. My son's school was the evacuation center and the neighborhood next to ours was evacuated. Thanks to the amazing firefighters, we were able to make it through with no evacuations in our little area, but a whole lot of ash and a lot of fear (at least on my part). The second fire started in essentially the same spot, but the winds were really strong and blew it away from us. I was super happy about that, but incredibly sad for the people that lost their homes. I guess it's still burning, but we can't see the smoke from here anymore.

    Mike is still having major back issues. Surgery will be in January. In the meantime, he refuses to sit still which probably makes it worse. No matter what I say, he still fixes and improves things around the house. He got around to working on the lift a couple of weeks ago. It is now fully installed and functional. Coupey went for a few up and down rides. While Mike did that, I worked on my knight. I have a suit of armor, but he can't stand unaided. Mike and Steve welded up a "skeleton" for him and I've been padding it. Let's just say I pad skeletons as well as I work on cars. It's extremely frustrating at times, but satisfying when his armor fits well against the puffy foam. I would guess a couple more hours and he'll be fully upright. I'm hoping he eventually finds his way into the house. Anyway, while I was doing that and Mike was working on the lift, Steve was changing the spark plugs on his Buick. We are getting closer to getting that thing operational. Of course it really would've helped if the parts store had given him all the same spark plugs instead of a hodgepodge. He got that situated along with another dead battery. That car kills batteries. At least there was a warranty this time. As for the cabin, we haven't done much work on it, but Mike did start pulling down some of the hideous wood paneling the last time we were up. I think the plan is for all three of us to tackle that room this weekend. It would be nice to get it insulated and looking snazzy before the first snow. He has to do a bunch of wiring, though. Electricity scares me, so I'll make myself look really busy somewhere else while he does that.

    The incredibly sad news is that Dan sold his cabin. He won't be up on the mountain much longer. We tried and tried to talk him out of it, but he's on a mission. He will be sorely missed. Talk about a massive loss for the community.

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    I wish I knew he was selling, I love it up there.

    Glad to see you are getting moved in "fer reals" and glad you weren't near the fire.

    If you guys ever want to do another build party, say the word!

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    I'm with Dave . . . build party.

    It's a bit of a hike from Vegas but post when and where and I'll try to be there . . . being retired helps with "spur-of-the-moment" scheduling.
    I'll even bring some "refreshments" for the host(s).

    Good to hear you guys are OK and skipped the fire part of California.

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    We really didn't know Dan was selling until it was too late. Would've loved to have had you as a neighbor. We met the new guy once (very briefly). He seems friendly enough, but I'm not sure that he's a tinkerer. He makes some kind of vegan soup. I'm hoping I get to taste it one day, although I'm far from a vegan.

    I think a build party would be great, but I'm not sure when or what we'd work on yet. I can't really remember where we left off. I think it had to do with belts. I will definitely get the word out when the time is right. Doc - you HAVE to be there. You aren't allowed to miss it.

    I'm so sorry about the tragedy in Vegas. I'm relieved to know you are okay.

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    Julie & Mike,

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Here's wishing you a very festive holiday season. May God keep you and yours safe and happy.


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    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

    We have some big plans for the cabin. If everything goes well, there should be lots of updates this next year.

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