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Thread: Retro Racing R build

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetroRacing View Post
    Got the wrap and blankets on the ceramic coated exhaust last night. It that doesn't make a difference then nothing will. Also, finished mounting and pluming our electric water pump for the turbo. Blew through it no problem when not running, so water will flow normally when out on track if the pump is on or off, then, when shut down for pit stop, our pit plug will run the pump to keep the turbo cool during pit stops or after running. The pump is on a 180 temp switch, so it will keep pushing water through the turbo until its under 180 degrees.

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    Very nice !
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    Jeff, where and how did you install your high-pressure fuel pump? I've had many thoughts on this but all of them have con's (like everything else, right). Thoughts?

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    In tank. We have a custom fuel cell that sits low in the passenger area, that has an internal surge tank, pump and high pressure feed pump.

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    Picked up two new tow vehicles over the last few weeks. One was a 2016 Ford Superduty Diesel F250 to pull the 24' support trailer, and, a 1985 Peterbuilt called "Optimus Prime", which some people insist on calling BJ and the Bear. All I know, is towing should be allot less hassle.
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    We are also using a custom fuel cell, but with an internal pump and a surge box. The surge box has flaps that let fuel in but don't let it out. Haven't tested it yet so I can't say how well this setup works. We have seen similar setups work well in cars with much more down force and thus higher g loading.
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    Why are you doing things half-*** with that midget trailer? JK You are the boss.
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