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Thread: Gen 3 "Blackhawk" Coupe Build

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    Not sure I dig the red crinkle paint finish, and the wheel skirts!

    Didn't know you where going to have a SEMA cliff hanger for us at the end of the build.
    Looking forward to the unveil.

    Making progress on the "My Coupe, my way" project.
    Coupe #386,17" Team III 245 FR 315 RR, 3-link, T5, 4 wheel disk, power brakes/steering. Fast EZ EFI
    First start Sept. 18 2013 First go kart Sept 19 2013

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    Steve >> aka: GoDadGo GoDadGo's Avatar
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    The Black Mamba FIA was spectacular so I'm sure this car will take it to the next level and beyond.

    Looking forward to seeing your car unveiled at SEMA.

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    East Coast Speed Machines Erik W. Treves's Avatar
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    I hope it goes well.... I think it looks pretty cool. It is definitely unique! It is smoking fast... I drove it 2 miles (cheated).... it does drive pretty nice though as well. Been doing all the detail work for the last couple days... and making sure I didn't miss anything...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Presley View Post
    I do have spy shots available for $50 each...
    What's your PayPal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdcyclist View Post
    What's your PayPal?
    [email protected] :-)
    Wayne Presley
    Xterminator 705 RWHP supercharged 4.6 DOHC with twin turbos

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