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Thread: FFR fuel tank capacity

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    FFR fuel tank capacity

    Does anyone happen to know the capacity of the new FFR 818 fuel tank?

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    18 gallons

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    There's no way it's even close to 18 gallons. Maybe 18 is for the R?

    I just did a quick 'n' dirty in car measurement and the passenger side is ~8.5" by 9". It's 46" inches wide which gives a volume around 14 gallons, and that's before you subtract the cut-out for the driver's seat.

    I've always assumed it's around 12 (which now seems reasonable,) and have never put in more than 10 gallons.

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    I have an R and I don't think its anywhere near 18. Closer to 10 or 12. Wondering if anyone knew for sure.

    Thanks for the replys.

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