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Thread: Power steering cooler

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    Power steering cooler

    is it necessary to use a power steering cooler? I have been told mixed things and was wondering what others have done. I'm building an MK4 with a 1997 mustang cobra engine.


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    I am not super educated on the topic but asked the same question some months back. The general consensus was for street driving it is not needed. Track driving possibly. I am building for street use so did not investigate the track driving suggestion any further.
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    As stated not needed for Street driving however they are inexpensive and easy to install. I added one to
    my build just in case.

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    Thanks guys. Appreciate the input.

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    I am using a '98 Cobra and am not putting the cooler in. Less clutter in the engine compartment is my main reason.

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    Even for street driving, you'll find that the oil gets pretty hot, and then the steering effort goes up. Since you're building the car now, go ahead and install the cooler. It's inexpensive, and doesn't take much effort now.
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    Ford added a length of pipe to the Mustang power steering as a cooling tube. I added a small radiator with 6an fittings which made the install easy.


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    Agreed for street driving, the PS cooler may not be required. But also agree with the several comments that it's possible and it's an easy add during the build. For both of my PS cars, I've used the Derail 13310 cooler pictured here. Pretty cheap insurance at <$30. Comes with -6 AN fittings so easy to install if you're using AN fittings like many do. I mount it on the side of the radiator fan shroud. Out of the way and right in the path of the hoses.

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    Necessary for a street car? In my opinion no, not necessary but definitely not a bad idea! For a car that will see much auto-x or track use absolutely use a cooler. My car sees a lot of hard use and before I put a cooler on the fluid would get darn hot and be very dark after half a season---never had a problem but I didn't like what I was seeing. Mine is a little larger than what Paul shows in his photo above and is mounted in the oil cooler opening. I have street cars out there with tens of thousands of miles without coolers and their fluid still looks as clear as the day it went in. I think it's the sustained high RPM that generates the extreme heat.


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