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Thread: 289 / cutback door striker mounting

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    289 / cutback door striker mounting

    What have you 289 guys done to mount the door striker? The body door opening is 2" away from the mount plate on the chassis due to cutback doors. The typical approach of bolting the striker only to the chassis isn't even close to working, stud is way too short.
    It appears there is enough room to fab a bracket and weld to the chassis to allow the plate that comes with the striker to be bolted to.
    I look forward to your experiences in resolving this detail.

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    Just throwing it out there (I don't have a 289), but what about a coupling nut, or even better, a threaded standoff? (most standoffs I see are NC thread, but you could make your own for the NF thread on the striker catch.)
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    It looks like welding a plate onto the original striker tab and frame tube will work nicely. The manila folder template in attached pic shows how it will fit. A 1/8" plate will be cut out and drilled with somewhat larger holes, and another plate behind drilled and tapped to allow for some adjustment is the plan. Thought I'd share so future folks can have an option.

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    I don't understand. Is FFR selling a kit where there are no workable door latches?
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