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Thread: FFR 8551 has landed

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    FFR 8551 has landed

    My 289 kit arrived safely today. Excellent service by Jerry from Stewart Transport. I spent all day going through the inventory and all is accounted for except the carpet kit and radiator. I received pin-drive width lower control arms, but i wanted standard width so I'll need to swap those out. Wow, the complete kit is very complete!

    I'm excited to jump in!

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    Steve >> aka: GoDadGo GoDadGo's Avatar
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    I've heard of "Christmas In July" but in your case it came a few days early.


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    Thank you! I got really lucky. I called factory five last week to talk about 289 kit options about a "future" order thinking i was still a few months away from placing an order. Tony let me know that they had someone cancel an order and had a 289 kit ready to go and could be on a Stewart truck the next day. I pulled the trigger and a little over a week later, the 289 is in my garage. Lol Talk about instant gratification!

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    Congrats! Now get busy on that build thread so we can watch!

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    Congrats! Enjoy the ride!
    Mk4 delivered 4/28/16. First start 10/15/16. First gocart 11/10/16. Engine Factory 427W. 750 carb. Tremec TKO600. 2015 IRS. Power steering. Whitby power brakes. Wilwood brakes. 18" wheels. Falken tires. Sway bars front and rear. Forte hydraulic clutch and mechanical throttle linkage. Scott's Hot Rods triple reservoir. Ceramic coated headers. Stainless side pipes. Heated seats. Herb Fraser walnut door panels. Wipers. Console.

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    Very nice! Make sure to post up as you build. Really like the 289.

    Complete Kit pickup 09/05/2015, 351w, QF680, 3.55, 3-Link, 15" Halibrands with MT's, Painted Viking blue with Wimbledon white stripes on 03/15/2017.

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    I'm picking up my 289 kit on September 11th, and about 3 weeks ago I picked up that same banner. My used 2015 IRSwas delivered Thursday, and my scissor lift is being delivered Tuesday. Things are coming together.

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    I'm shooting at picking mine up sometime in September after I return from my year pilgrimage to Stuttgart, Germany enjoying their beer festival. I've collected pretty much all my parts already but I have to keep reminding myself that this is a New England winter project for me!

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