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Thread: Turbo sbc any body do this yet in a 33 ?

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    Turbo sbc any body do this yet in a 33 ?

    Thinking about turbo charging a sbc and using a turbo 400 trany for my new 33 , any thoughts out there ?

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    Run the car without side panels, build manifolds to hang a turbo out each side, down pipes straight down then under the car, discharge pipes merged and run to a blow thru carb or throttle body if fuel injected. Its possible, not much space for intercoolers/heat exchangers, just need to be creative.

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    I am building a 6.0 LQ9 for twins. We've looked at a couple of positions. I argue that front mount in front of the water pump would look cool as well as low mount down where the collectors are. My fabricator wants to do a rear mount. Hanging them outside exposes them to a lot of trash, weather, wetness, and road hazards. Would look cool though. The front mount washes a lot of heat over the water pump and intake. The low front mount would put a lot of heat on the floor where your feet are. The rear mount has plenty of room but of course is not as efficient. I am thinking anything approaching 1000 wheel horsepower would be disastrous on these cars. Inter cooling is your problem. Either small turbo low boost and no intercooler or squeeze it all out, fitment is going to be an issue. I was planning on Garret DBB 35 mms and hoping for around 600-650 wheel horsepower to start.


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    Rear Mount & Run A Separate Oiling System.
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    Rear mounted turbos will work poorly. A lot of the heat energy needed to produce boost is lost, the long intake routing is difficult and creates turbo lag. There is no room for an air to air intercooler either. If you leave out the intercooler, power output will be lower. In general, not a good idea.

    How about an Edelbrock dual quad enforcer supercharger ($4164) ? They claim a 350 SBC with a big cam can put out 750 hp, at least with the much more expensive EFI version. The carb version with a milder cam put out 518 hp. It looks like a motor for a hot rod. Fuel mileage would probably be under 10 mpg.
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    I like WRPs front turbos with heat shields between the engine and turbos to push radiator heat down and under the car or out the sides. With minimal lag just lose that TH400 anchor and run a tight power glide to save space for the foot box insulation. Once you get boost just upshift and hang on til you hit 8000rpm or chicken out...whichever comes first. ��

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    Guys, in a 2400 lbs car with the dimensions we have lag is going to be inconsequential. I find this car difficult to control at 290 wheel horsepower. There are a series of new intakes with built in intercoolers that give you the same functionality as the superchargers. Inefficiencies considered, the rear mount will produce more power and reasonable service not to mention heat dissipation. I would not believe those horsepower claims unless they were BHP results on an engine stand. I mounted a HVT2300 Supercharger on a 402 LQ9 with a huge cam and over spun it 33% and barely made 800 to the wheels. There may be some planet a street able SBC can make 700+ with a 2.3 Liter Supercharger but I could not find it. I went from the HVT2300 to a 4.0 Liter Whipple and was only able to make 950 rear Wheel Horsepower with a 150 nitrous shot which really served to cool everything more than add power directly. Superchargers are like space heaters sitting on the top of your manifold. With a 1000 HP Air to air intercooler the Whipple would go from a 136 degree IAT to over 250 in a 1/4 mile pass. Having said that, I loved the instant power of the Supercharger. Under driving one and limiting a 2300 to around 500-600 horsepower would make a very nice steerable combo. My problem with superchargers is that once you exceed or push their capacity limit a host of problems ensue. You cannot deny how cool they look though. I think the power glide is an excellent idea. Not trying to be argumentative, this is just my experience.
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    Click on the first icon in the dyno column. 350 SBC, 753hp with port EFI.

    This supercharger does require a separate low-temp cooling radiator. Finding a place for that would be tough. It should go in front of the AC condenser, but there is no room for it.
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    I have seen 8-71's make 750 on SBC but the cooling is the key and the problem. Good luck on your decisions.
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