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Thread: Partial Completed GTM For sale

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    Partial Completed GTM For sale

    Due to health and financial reasons I am selling my Gen1 GTM

    The engine and tranny are in, suspension is complete and steering, no body work has been done, here is a list of what I have invested
    GTM Gen 1 kit $21,539
    Stewart Trnasprotation $ 1,600
    New crate LS6 from GM performance $5,907
    C5 donor palette from Fparts $5,369
    Be Cool Heavy Duty Radiator $ 400
    G50/03 Trans-axle W cable shifter
    from Carquip $11,738
    Factory Five GT1 Wheels $2,000
    TOYO Tires $1,300
    Kooks Exhaust $1,800

    Total investment $51,653
    I am sure I am forgetting a few things like cost of powder coating and ect.

    PM if interested in making an offer

    Thank you

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    Boy they add up fast dont they? Good luck with the sale. Im sure it will sell.

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