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Thread: Name Plate (VIN) Location

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    Name Plate (VIN) Location

    Not ready yet, but getting my duck in order regarding the install location of the nameplate w/VIN. Is anywhere OK, or is there a state-wide/country-wide standard. I was think of putting the metal tag under and to the left of the steering column. ???

    Thanks in advance....Walter

  2. #2 California the CHP attaches the VIN number as part of the inspection. Most of us recommend they put it exactly where you are thinking. That is, on the 2X2 horizontal frame above your left knee cap.
    That's where mine lives and has so for 12 years. Also, I moved to AZ and the AZDMV used the same number the CHP gave it.
    Good Luck

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    If you are referring to the plate supplied by FFR that is not a legal VIN plate. It is for "decorative" use and you can place it anywhere you like. If you live in a state that supplies their own VIN upon completion I would wait until they affix their legal number and then you can put your ID/VIN plate on after.

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    Definitely different state to state. For Michigan, it's pretty relaxed. There is no other VIN plate except the one from FFR, and they didn't seem to be too particular about where I put it. They also used the FFR serial number as the VIN. I had the plate engraved and attached to the top of the DS footbox. When you open the hood, it's in the corner by the hood opening. So far, so good. Any time there has been any question about the car's identification (like when I crossed the border back and forth to Canada) the only thing they wanted to see was my registration papers.

    The standard OEM location for all VIN tags is under the windshield on the DS, visible from the outside of the car. If there is a consistent standard, that's it. I haven't seen anyone locate the plate there.
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    Even if you are not quite ready, just thinking about where the VIN plate should go is a very good sign (no pun). I am putting mine over a small hole in the DS footbox that is not being used. I have heard of several people doing that. It saves having to use a small "patch" aluminum to cover it plus it is very visible there. Good luck, WEK.
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    Mustang Man is right. At least in Kentucky, the state provided the official VIN plate and they were very specific about where it should be mounted. It has to be visible so, on the hotrod, this meant installing it on the door jam on the fiberglass body. If you mounted it to the frame where they want it, it would be hidden by the body. I had the VIN number assigned by the state engraved on the FFR plate and then mounted it on the firewall on the drivers side in a very easy to see location.

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    When I built my MKI, FFR did not supply a VIN plate. The CAL CHP riveted their "official" plate on the 2X2 cross bar under the steering wheel. I did later purchase from Finish Line an AC Cars vin plate. Ii put it where skullandbones put his, over the whole for the mechanical speed-O on the driver foot box. It was engraved with the FFR number and the official VIN number.

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    I'm in NYS, so my guess id "they" will be very yes, I'm glad I'm getting that much closer to worry about it, and yes, will obviously wait 'til NYS tells me where "they' like it. Maybe when I go for the VIN issuing process, I'll double-side tape it over the DS left knee and see............
    Once again, Thanks Everyone, Walter

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    On my car, FFR has the serial number already etched into the 2x2 frame spot you mentioned. I wouldn't cover that up. Here in NC, they used that as the VIN# when they inspected the car.

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    I'm in NYS (Syracuse). At least last year when I got my VIN, the DMV was very picky but they didn't consider the FFR VIN plate to be official The DMV attached their VIN sticker on the 2" stock right above the driver's knees. I put the FFR VIN plate in the same place as skullandbones did.


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